The Delivery Team

"Everyone is just as important as the other in the delivery of our services."
Managing Director, TEST&TAG 

At TEST&TAG we recognise the importance of everyone's role, from our junior service technicians in training to the most experienced technicians in the company, to answering the phone, scheduling a booking, setting up an account, account managing a job and even to how we deal with any complaints or incidents.

TEST&TAG acknowledges that training and support is key in the growth of everyone delivering our service and we invest in individual skills and expertise with proven systems and procedures. Importantly TEST&TAG use our technology myTEST&TAG as the backbone in delivery of these services and ensuring our quality standards are delivered to meet your expectations. TEST&TAG knows partner selection is key and the relationship is the strength of that partnership.

Introducing the Customer Support team - Here to look after you

Beata W   Carina Fonseca   Cherry  Lou Solivio-908
Beata Wolschon 
Customer Service Manager 
  Carina Fonseca
Scheduling Administrator
  Cherry Lou Solivio
Scheduling Administrator


0800 837 8824
Head Office (09) 579 9943
  • Unit E, 1066 Great South Road
    Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060




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