AED Performance Verification AS/NZS 3551

All AED devices should be annually checked to AS/NZ 3551 performance and verification standards.

This involves testing to each operating manual requirement. TEST&TAG has set up with myTEST&TAG software to enable these detail checks to be carried out on all mainstream AED devices in the marketplace, providing the confidence these AED’s can provide the emergency lifeline they are designed to provide.
All Automated External Defibrillators should be tested at least annually. The standard for medical equipment AS/NZS 3551:2012 provides examples of some essential safety and performance parameters for AEDs. These parameters, such as correct analysis of cardiac waveform and delivered energy, can only be tested with specialised test equipment. TEST&TAG has the test equipment and can perform all the required checks on all mainstream AED equipment in the marketplace.

To ensure that all checks will be carried out, the myTEST&TAG software has now been setup for AED testing. Be confident that your AED is ready for use in an emergency, by getting TEST&TAG to do a performance verification now.


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