Electrical Thermal Imaging

T&T Thermal Imaging ICON
Inspecting and detecting potential faults and hot spots in electrical distribution boards, mains meter rooms and data centres providing diagnostic reporting and early detection and keeping your business in good health. 

During any inspection a qualified electrician is required to be responsible for providing access to all equipment, including the removal of switchboard access covers using specialised equipment to identify faults that are not visible to the naked eye.

The images can show if any components like switchboards, fuses and circuit breakers are too hot. 
Electrical Thermal Imaging can help 
  • Reduce the risk of fire 
  • Lower downtime due to equipment failure 
  • Energy inefficiencies
  This can be scheduled and managed by TEST&TAG annually or bi-annually depending on your requirements and increasingly become a insurance requirement to reduce your premiums. 

The other benefit is we can provide independent reports from your electrician.

Sample Report 

Thermal Sample  report Capture



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