First Aid Kit Inspection and Planned Maintenance

We manage your first aid requirements. We visually inspect first aid kits to ensure they are suitable for the location and environment and clearly visible with appropriate signage and access. We ensure all contents are at satisfactory stock levels and with no out-of-date consumables and we provide replacement and refresh options to ensure your First Aid Kits are at maintained levels. All this is again electronically recorded and stored on our myTEST&TAG system for your assurance.
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  Key Benefits  
  • Internationally recognised quality products
  • If providing other services on site then no additional travel set up charges 
  • All managed under one system with one database of all First Aid Kits for compliance management
  • Replace or re-stock First Aid Kits at annual inspections 
  • Removed old or out-dated contents 
  • GPS location and evidence of date & time and individual inspecting of First Aid Kit
  • Reporting of theft/or removal of kits after the first year.
  • Purchase and supply of new first aid kits to your specifications

Sample First Aid Testing myTEST&TAG App
  First Aid Template


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