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Test & Tag is a compliance company that provides independent inspection, verification, functionality and performance testing for compliance requirements all validated and verified by a proprietor developed cloud base system that provides 100% assurance, transparency and management. Delivering these services with a registered/skilled and trained team of people throughout New Zealand supported by a dedicated customer service and management team that is always seeking personal improvement. This is the key influence in growing a company and brand that is recognised as being the most effective and efficient in the delivery of its services in New Zealand.

Businesses all around New Zealand rely on Test&Tag for their workplace safety compliance
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What will compliance testing
mean for my business?


With the introduction of new workplace health and safety laws, all NZ workplaces need to be able to demonstrate that their employees have a safe working environment. TEST&TAG is committed to providing all your compliance testing and replacement needs for your workplace. Our company has been designed to assist you with meeting all practicable steps in relation to testing and our technicians and staff are fully briefed and trained on the regulations and standards that need to be met to ensure your compliance.

Our myTEST&TAG system records all tests in real time with a GPS location. Not only does this provide assurance that testing has taken place, it also provides you with an auditable record of service and validation. This gives you access to an appliance history and may aid in any workplace investigation.



We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated providing national coverage and we invest in our cloud-based myTEST&TAG system for continual improvements and opportunities. All of our team are employed by TEST&TAG and our technicians are qualified, licensed and fully supported by our Auckland-based Customer Service Team. We don’t franchise our systems nor do we contract to work out so as to protect our intellectual property and provide 100% assurance of delivery of service.

Our IT system, myTEST&TAG ensures all your asset details are securely stored with their compliance results.

TEST&TAG is New Zealand’s leading technology service provider of compliance testing.


Test&Tag is your total workplace compliance partner

There is no need to deal with different companies for different types of workplace compliance - we can take care of it all.
For each of our services below we will test, visually inspect and log our testing data in our online database and
can even supply products, which is all managed with myTEST&TAG and securely stored with all electronic reports supplied
free of charge on request, should you ever need these for your health and safety requirements.

Electrical testing
AS/NZ 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

AS/NZS 3019:2007 Periodic verification on electrical installations.
Hand operated fire
fighting testing
NZS 4501:2005 Ensuring your Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Fire Hoses are to the standard requirement.
AED/Medical Devices Performance Verification Testing 
AS/NZS 3551 Physical inspection, 
functional testing and 
electrical testing.
Electrical-Vehicle Testing Final ICON-674-386-476
EVSE/Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment Testing
Physical inspection, 
functional testing and 
electrical testing.
First Aid Kits
Inspecting First Aid Kit contents, location, signage and providing new kits and refills.
Electrical thermal imaging
Inspecting and detecting potential faults and hotspots in electrical distribution boards and mains meter rooms.
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The first step is for us to visit you on site to assess how we can best help you. Give us a call or contact us online to get started.

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Why choose test & tag?

Proudly NZ Owned and Operated with 50 vehicles and technicians providing compliance certification all across NZ.

No contractors or franchises
All of our team are employed by TEST&TAG. We don’t have franchises nor do we contract work out. This means you’re guaranteed to get quality workmanship and service with one point of call.

All of our technicians have Ministry of Justice clearance. Our technicians are uniformed and carry photo ID on them at all times and monitored live time,  so you know and we know when we they are on site.

Technology company with meticulous record keeping means that all our testing results are automatically stored in our powerful IT system ensuring safe storage and peace of mind.
Seeking to use technology to increase delivery of services and assurance.

Our centralised Customer Service Team is located in Auckland and is here to help with the management of your compliance requirements.

Electrical Inspectors, Electricians and Technicians are Licensed and Certified 
We carefully match our resources with your compliance requirements.

Relationship Building
We value our clients and work towards understanding their business needs; accommodating these into our testing cycles e.g. weekends, after-hours. Our business is built on sustaining and maintaining good relationships.

Complete process and systems as AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 accredited with $10 million Public Liability Insurance.
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mytestandtag get more with our It system

Our system guarantees accurate testing compliance results and ensures all your asset information and testing meets compliance and legislation requirements of the new Health and Safety Reform Legislation. This is why we have developed our powerful myTEST&TAG system which stores every piece of testing compliance information in our secure database and can provide the validation of records for evidence and your 100% assurance.

At any time myTEST&TAG can check all the asset compliance details, testing details, dates, technician, results and perform reporting functions to help you manage your health and safety in the workplace.

Our myTEST&TAG system provides real-time progress on all our jobs and where our techs are and what services they are providing. Our system manages all our bookings and scheduling and allows for live reporting and updating.

The best part is this system is only growing in capabilities to manage your compliance, inlcuding our own calibrations, Fleet Managament and Job Safety Analysis before techs start work on your site.

latest news

First Electrical Vehicle in Test & Tag

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TEST&TAG was the only company able to provide a consistent service level nationally with a reporting tool that provides appliance status information for our local sites and also through to national reporting to help us manage our electrical risk.

Bridgestone health & safety manager



$220.00 excluding GST  (conditions apply and not including delivery)
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