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With over 70 Electrical Service Technicians (ESTs) located across New Zealand, we are your local test and tag service provider. All of our ESTs are trained, qualified, and registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). We take your safety seriously and therefore abide by the AS/NZS 3760 Standard Testing.

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Our Technology

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Photographic Database

We have taken testing and tagging to the next level with our latest technology and the implementation of our QR code system.


Once our Technicians are on site they will conduct the necessary tests and provide you a unique QR code for each appliance. 

You will have a detailed and relevant description of your appliances, and a photographic inventory, traceability, and editing capabilities like reporting if an item is faulty. All you need to do is scan our QR code to be taken to your own online database.

Planning & Scheduling

All of our planning and scheduling is managed by our central hub in Auckland where our friendly and experienced team ensures that your testing and tagging schedules and cost estimates are managed in a timely and efficient manner. With one point of contact for nationwide contracts and flexible bookings we take the stress out of you!

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Flexible Bookings
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Our systems were built with 100% transparency in mind. From the start to the end of work our Technician's app is GPS and time tracked. 

GPS & time tracked work

Asset Management

Upon completion of your electrical inspection, you will receive your own asset database that will be available in pdf, excel, or electronically. These reports will contain details like 'description of item', 'make', 'model', 'serial number', 'location', 'date tested', 'retest dates', and the results themselves. 

You can request these reports as many times as needed.

Always be compliant

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Digital Reports 

After Service

We want to make sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible. For this reason, part of our after-service is to send you automatic reminders of your upcoming inspections so your site is never out of date. We can also organize free site audits and cost estimates for your next retesting inspection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Testing and Tagging

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The 6 benefits of QR Codes

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Receive your asset database

report in either PDF, Excel or 


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Scan your barcode with your smartphone & be taken to your portal.


Have access to an easy-to-use

searchable database.

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Have access to your asset database with photos.


Edit and report changes in our inventory.

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 Discourages theft, as the organization's asset are recorded. 

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Electrical Testing and Tagging is the process by which portable electrical appliances are inspected and tested for safety in accordance with the AS/NZS 3760 Standard.  The testing process will include visual inspection, earth continuity, voltage and amperage.

According to the 2015 Safety at Work Act, every business in New Zealand has the obligation to provide a safe workplace environment as far as reasonably practicable, and therefore electrical safety is one of the measures you should take to 

ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.

What is electrical testing & tagging?

Who can test and tag electrical equipment in New Zealand?

You do not need to be an electrician to test and tag electrical equipment in New Zealand. According to AS/NZS 3760:2010, someone who is considered a 'Competent Person' is able to test and tag in New Zealand. This can be achieved by undertaking a test and tag course, where you can learn the theory and the skills to use a portable appliance tester machine.  If you want more information one that, you can request our information pack from our One-Day Test and Tag Training Course.

What type of electrical appliances need testing and tagging?

You should test and tag any electrical equipment that is connected to the electrical supply by a flexible cord with a plug. Make sure to include the following in your next inspection:

  • Electrical equipment being used for the first time.

  • Electrical equipment that is already in use.

  • Electrical equipment that has received a failed tag, and has now being serviced or repaired.

  • Electrical equipment that is being returned to service from a second-hand sale.

  • Electrical equipment that is available for hire.

Also, in most cases, when you are taking your electrical appliances to rest homes and universities they will request that you have your equipment checked.

How often should I test and tag?

The testing and tagging intervals are mainly determined by the environment and outlined in the AS/NZS 3760 Standard.

The general guidelines of testing and tagging frequency are as follows:

  • New electrical appliances should be tested prior initial use.

  • Building, construction & demolition sites should have their tools tested every three months.​

  • Factories, workshops, manufacturing plants should be tested every six months.

  • Equipment used for commercial cleaning should be tested every six months.

  • Commercial workplaces, such as offices should be tested yearly or five-yearly (after assessment).

The minimum required standard Interval is set on the AS/NZS3760 Test Interval Timetable. Note that this is a guideline and ultimately the testing intervals or frequencies will vary according to the health and safety risk-assessment management practices of each business.


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